Hello, we are With Love Recipes and we are inviting YOU to join us on our journey 


We could take some time, as we have been doing in recent publicity, to tell you about all of the fantastic things we have achieved as a business so far; in our successes and in our proudest moments, but the story we want to tell you today is about how we started out.

No matter how much our business grows and wavers across the headlines, we will always have a fondness for the starting point in this journey.

Our founder Sharron Mc Cormick developed her recipes and her ideas from her very own kitchen and home. As a weight management consultant she wanted to take her role that little bit further and do absolutely EVERYTHING in her power to help her members achieve their goals and look after their health.

She would create ideas from scratch and use ingredients which were accommodating to different dietary requirements. This would in turn formulate dishes that people could enjoy and still lose weight.

Items such as cheesecakes and chocolate cake had somehow become HEALTHY. She was an instant hit in her weekly groups. And her dedication soon became a NEED for a lot of the people around her.

It became vastly evident that Sharron’s recipes weren’t only a delicious alternative that would enable her members to lose weight, but were also the answer to a plethora of health issues including; Coeliac disease, weight management, diabetes and obesity. It was time to think big and put a plan into action whereby she could help others by sharing her recipes and her products.

With pages upon pages of delicious recipes, the most obvious place for Sharron to start was in writing and publishing her own cook book. The ‘With Love Recipes’ book of delicious sweet and savoury dishes was a milestone Sharron had always dreamed of. She took such a careful approach in developing this book and being involved in every aspect from the text, to the imagery and the marketing. She emphasised her vision through the team she worked with and MADE it happen.

Her book launch in one of Derry City’s most iconic venues “The City Hotel” was a full house with an exceptional response to the book. Champagne was flowing and sales were soaring in what was a fantastic night for Sharron and her team and such a pivotal moment in her career.

It is without question that Sharron has helped countless people on their journey. In realising her true passion she began developing this into a business that has become life changing for herself and for many others.

This lady does not do things by half! She is delighted for her products to officially be sold in the marketplace and her relationship grows everyday with her affiliate stores, supermarkets and consumers. Sharron, however does not see herself stopping here. It is hugely important for her to offer her healthy alternatives to a much wider market and on a much larger scale.

We have established the need and demand for gluten free, sugar free and high protein products all rolled into one. We just need to ensure that our out reach increases and we have a plan that will enable us to do this and we would really love your support in helping us get to the next stage.

Our plan of action in the very near future is to open and launch our very own production premises and flagship guilt free cafe. Within our building we will also facilitate cooking classes and offer demonstrations. We have secured our site in the excellent location of orchard business park strabane.

This is how you can help..

By clicking on the below link, you can help us reach our raise goal by donating anything from as little as £10 upwards. There are rewards and benefits of investing which you can read more about on our pitch page.

This will direct you to the invest page where you can take a very short questionnaire on investments, (there are a few hints and tips to assist).

Once you have completed this section you simply insert your details and the amount you wish to invest.

We really appreciate your support and look forward to sharing the rest of our journey with you all. And any assistance or guidance you may need for the above please do not hesitate to contact us.