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10 Steps to a Happier, Healthier, New You!

1. Get rid of any leftover Sweets, chocolate and naughty treats, give them to local centres, to neighbours, bag them up and store them for Easter presents.

2. Decide what you want to achieve – losing weight, reducing blood pressure, controlling diabetes, being more active, de-stressing & improving energy – these are all great achievembents

3. Have a goal – a wedding, anniversary, special birthday, the summer holidays – these are all goals that you can work towards

4. Set miniature goals – stepping stones to your Ultimate Goal – dropping the first dress size, needing less medication, lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke, improving your mental health – these are all amazing

5. Have a plan – what do you need to do to achieve this, do you need to change your environment, your social life, your working life, your eating arrangements, your cooking habits – every little change helps

6. Actions – what actions do you need to perform to work out your plan, do you need to change where you eat, swap shifts, apply for new jobs, buy some cook books, go for long walks – every action will produce results

7. Measure Results -in order to reach your goal you need to record achievements- maybe it’s weight loss, blood sugar levels, walking 3 miles, cooking a healthy lasagne from scratch – these are all achievements  that are derived from your plan and your actions

8.  Talk – talk to others about your plans – their support will achieve results – they no longer try to sabotage your day with a cream doughnut, they help to show you how to cook, you are bought presents conducive to the new you -you will feel more relaxed and more confident the more you go towards your goal

9. Celebrate the mile stones – celebrate each mini goal as it’s achieved with items that fit in with the new you, but allow you to continue on your journey without sabotage – a bubble bath, new perfume, new outfit – it’s your choice

10. Keep going until you reach your ultimate goal, don’t give up, don’t punish yourself for small mistakes, keep going, be kind to yourself, praise yourself, love the new you, keep going and be the best you that you can be and most of all keep going because you deserve it

Eating a healthy diet will help make all these changes and more and can easily be achieved if you just know how… you can follow my healthy recipes & get them emailed directly to you by following my blog @ http://www.withloverecipes.com

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