Chicken & Leek Filo Pastry Pie with a Creamy Oat Milk White Wine Sauce

This is a really tasty dish is so easy to make. Swapping the pastry base for filo pastry greatly reduces the fat and calorie content and using oat milk for the white wine sauce makes it rich and creamy and dairy free. You could also swap the meat for quorn or mushrooms for a vegan alternative.

You can buy vegan and dairy free filo pastry in many supermarkets.


4 Sheets Filo Pastry

Low Calorie Cooking Soray

2 Leeks Finely Sliced

300g Cooked Chicken Pieces

White Wine Stock Pot

1 Teaspoon Ground Pepper

Pinch of Salt

2 Teaspoons Cornflour

300ml Oat Milk


Spray a large non stick pan with low calorie cooking spray. Add sliced Leeks and fry, once softened add the cooked chicken.

Mix the cornflour with a little milk until smooth then stir in the remaining milk and leave to one side.

Now add the white wine stock pot and season with salt and pepper. Add the milk, simmering gently until sauce thickens. Allow to cool for ten minutes before starting the pie base.

Spray a flan or pie dish with low calorie spray. Cut 2 filo sheets in half and place 4 halves inside the pie dish to overlap.  Cut the remaining 2 filo sheets into strips. Pour the cooled filling into the pie base, and finish by overlapping strips of filo on top. Brush with a little milk and cook at 180 Degrees for 20-30 minutes until golden.

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