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Ham Carbonara

Another version of a classic carbonara with or without sauce. Traditional carbonara doesn’t contain a sauce but in this recipe I’ve given you the option to have it with or without. This was a dish that I made in a recent cooking demonstration for my Shape Your Life Members and everyone loved it. It’s quick and easy to make and is also very cost effective. It’s one the whole family will enjoy.

Serves 4-6


1 Packet of Wholewheat or Gluten Free Spaghetti

Light Olive Oil Spray

1 Chopped Onion or Equivalent in Frozen

1 Egg

1 Teaspoon Garlic Granules

1/2 Teaspoon Mixed Herbs

2 Tablespoons Fresh Parmesan

For The Sauce

2-4 Tablespoons Light Herb Cream Cheese

4 Tablespoons Water that the Spaghetti was cooked in.


Cook the spaghetti in a large pan of boiling water as per packet instructions.

Meanwhile fry the onion and ham in a non stick frying pan sprayed with light olive oil. When the pasta is cooked, drain (saving 4 tablespoons water for the sauce) and add to the frying pan.

Remove the pan from the heat. (This is important or the egg will scramble).

in a jug beat together the egg, herbs and Parmesan. Quickly toss into the pasta moving it quickly so that it coats the spaghetti. You can now serve as is is or make the sauce below.

For the sauce

Mix the cream cheese and water together until smooth then pour into the spaghetti alternatively pour over the spaghetti when serving.

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