Lemon & Lime Upside Down Cheesecake

Lemon & Lime Upside Down Cheesecake withloverecipes.com
Lemon & Lime Upside Down Cheesecake

Serves 12

2 packets Silken Tofu

2 Sachets Lime Sugar Free Jelly Crystals

2 Tablespoons Granulated Sweetener

2 Capfuls Lemon Flavouring

200ml Hot Water

3 Low Fat Digestive Biscuits


Put the tofu, flavouring and sweetener into a blender/food mixer and blend until smooth, Mix the Sachets of jelly with the boiling water and add to to tofu and blend again for another 1-2 minutes, pour into loose bottom cake tin and set in fridge for minimum of 4 hours or overnight. Put digestive biscuits into a food bag and roll gently with a rolling pin to get a crumb consistency, sprinkle over the set cheesecake then top with strawberries or any favourite fruit, kiwi is also a lovely combination.

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