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Parma Ham Stuffing Rolls

These tasty little treats are a perfect addition  for Christmas Dinner or any roast dinner. A healthy & very tasty alternative to traditional Stuffing. Easy to make & one the kids can help with. They can also be made Gluten Free.

Makes approximately 10 - 15

2 Gluten Free or Light Sausages

2 Slices Wholemeal or Gluten Free Bread

1 Small Onion

2 Teaspoons Dried Sage

1 Packet Parma/Serrano Ham Slices


Remove the skin from the sausages and place the meat into a blender/food processor. Next roughly the bread & onion and add to the processor along with the sage, blitz until the onion and bread is very finely chopped and fully combined. Carefully  remove stuffing mix from the food processor and roll into small sausage shapes. Remove all visible fat from the ham and slice into strips, wrap ham around the stuffing mix. Cook at 190 for 10-15 minutes or until cooked right through.

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