Sundae Delight...

Makes 4 large 

I packet Silken Tofu (firm)

1 Tub Quark

32g Granulated Sweetener

4 Capfuls Vanilla Flavouring

2 Capfuls Caramel Flavouring

2 Meringue Nests

8 tablespoons Light Aerosol Cream

2 Low Fat Digestive Biscuits

Light Dusting of finely grated dark Chocolate

Whiz the Tofu, Quark and 2 Capfuls of Vanilla flavouring in a blender until really smooth, divide the mix into two bowls and add 2 capfuls of vanilla to one bowl and 2 capfuls of caramel to the other.  Divide the caramel mix between 4 wine glasses or desert glasses.  Next crumble ½ a digestive into each glass then spoon in the vanilla mix dividing it between the 4 glasses. 

Break the meringues into small bite size pieces and divide between the 4 glasses,  squirt on 2 tablespoons of light aerosol cream and finish with a fine dusting of finely grated dark chocolate. You can make smaller deserts and divide into 8.

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